Overtime is a unique, survival multiplayer First Person Shooter (FPS) game set in a post-apocalyptic world where an flesh creatures roam. Little is known about these abominations, they just appeared out of nowhere and tore the world apart leaving a wasteland and pushed humans to near extinction. A bunch of smart people discovered a frequency that keeps the monsters back. these emitters are set up in safezones. Sometimes these emitters break down and need repairing which causes the safezones to no longer be safe.

Overtime background looping track example.


There are 4 safezones each with jobs where you have to safely deliver supplies to other safezones. This is how you earn money to use for crafting at workshops and unlock weapons to use againest your enemies. Your backpack has a weight limit so plan what you need to take with you as you drop everything you are holding when you die. Safezones frequency generators sometimes fail which means the abominations can now enter. Repair them quickly or run! Join clans and hunt together but also watch out for other clans who might ambush you and take all your loot.

The Map

The enviroment is a post-apocalyptic city that is over run with abominations. Safezones are the main focus points in Overtime as the abominations cannot enter due to frequency barriers. Based in the Sandbox Metaverse the city is built on a 6x6 map with possible expansion in the future to a 12x12. The city will have many empty sky rise buildings with ramps going to the top. Streets are filled with cars that don't work and empty buildings with vines and debris. You can hear creatures screeching in the background. Underground subway systems are safer way to deliver your packages and being attacked from creatures on the surface but becareful of what lurks in the dark.


Abomination are the flesh creatures that appeared out of nowhere and almost wiped out everything on the planet. Luckly some smart people found a weakness to keep them at bay altho the technology is not always reliable. There are 5 types of Abominations to look out for.

A Solid. A big creature with a lot of health also hits like a truck. Think that is bad enough? It can also teleport so stay away from A Solid unless you are in a group.

A Liquid. A loud creature that attracts other abominations near by when it spots humans. It blinds its victims with a black sprey and hits for moderate damage.

A Nimbus. A flying creature that uses sonar scream to disoriente any humans nearby. Uses a powerful swoop so best get under cover to avoid them.

A Chaser. A small but fast running creature that hits for small damage but can be dangerous if ignored or if are in large numbers. Can hear A Liquid screams from a longer distance then other abominations.

A Boomer. A slow abomination that explodes when its close to humans does massive damage and buffs surrounding ambominations.


Random timed events will impact the local enviroment and have rare loot drops which will cause PvP in the area amoungst clans.

Supply drop. Another city is sending us care packages with useful loot. However it attracts the abominations and clans, best not to go alone.

Hunting season. Main Safezone hold an event to see which clan and kill the most abomination to win a prize. Some abomination are worth more points then others. 30 minute event.

Death ball An extra ordinary ambomination is marching towards the Main Safezone surrounded by many dangerous creatures.

The fog All of a sudden its hard to see long distances, also the abomination can hear your footsteps easier. Best to be sneaky.

The labyrinth Many screams can be heard coming from the spooky lab has some weird stuff going on in there. People who go in alone don't come back out.


Crafting. Go thru dumpsters and loot shops and factories for items to use for crafting weapons and other useful items.

Gliding. Craft or find a glider to use the glide ability. Jump from rooftops and buildings or get away safely or ambush others from above.

Clan creation. Create a clan and get others to join. Represent your clan with an emblem.

Merchants. Buy and sell items to shop keepers.

Inventory. Backpack system that holds your items. Backpack have max capacity and every item has a weight value.

The Bank. Central bank that holds your items so you don't lose them when you die.

Safezones. A place once entered can no longer take damage from players or abominations. Sometimes fails and needs repairing.

Teleporting A.I. Abominations can travel thru short portals to help with the chase.

Random Item drops. Kill abominations, sometimes items drop needed for selling or crafting.

Map system. Check the map and see your current location and which direction you are facing.

Weapons. Guns guns guns. Sniper system and scoping. reloading. ammo count. crafting ammo.

Jeeps. Driving cars is always fun. A jeep that holds 4 players, passengers can shoot while in the car.

MMO. I would love 64 player system but depends on performance issues. 32 would be ideal.

Events. Random timed events begin on the map to cause POI. Music changes when you enter the area.

Sprinting. Sprint bar that empties and slows you down when you run out. Items can replenish this.

Rebirth. When you get killed by an ambomination after 15 seconds your body turns into a half breed ambomination that's A.I controled for everyone else to battle.

Day/Night cycle. Changes from day to night which can effect the status of abominations. Different music plays at night too.

looting system. Where you have to hold down the button for 5 seconds before it loots, display bar needed.

log off system. People just can't instant leave to avoid PvP, 15 second timer to log off. Any disconnection type will trigger this.


Knife. Starting item, better then nothing I guess.

Pistol. Basic gun, can help take down weaker foes.

Shotgun. Good damage with spread and short range.

Assult rifle. The ideal weapon for most occasions.

Sniper. Great for long range with the ability for different scope attachments.

Grenade. Always a blast. Does great damage in a small AOE.

Disrupter. Set one up to keep the ambominations away. Only works for a short time.


Items that drop from abominations, that can be found on the floor/dumpsters/cars.

Basic backpack Starter item which can hold small amount of weight in items.

Chips. Bag of out of date crisps, gives little HP.

Energy Drink. Replenishes your sprint bar.

Bottled water. Heals everything to full.

Protein Bar. Gives a lot of HP.

Metal shard Used for crafting.

Black Liquid Chance to drop from A Liquid used for crafting.

Solid eye Chance to drop from A Solid used for crafting.

Nimbus wing Chance to drop from A Nimbus used for crafting.

Steel Bone Chance to drop from abominations used for crafting.

Sharp Tooth Chance to drop from A Chasers used for crafting.

Ammo Chance to drop from abominations or can be crafted.

Clip Chance to drop from abominations or can be crafted.

Crafting items

Craft items using scraps found around the city. Each safezone have different items to be crafted.

Large backpack. Requires: - 1 x Basic backpack - 1 x Nimbus wing - 4 x Steel Bone

Glider. Requires: - 4 x Metal shard - 4 x Nimbus wing - 8 x Steel Bone

Clip. Requires: - 8 x Metal shard - 1 x Steel Bone

Pistol. Requires: - 5 x Metal shard - 1 x Steel Bone - 1 x Clip

Shotgun. Requires: - 20 x Metal shard - 3 x Steel Bone - 2 x Clip

Assult rifle. Requires: - 30 x Metal shard - 5 x Steel Bone - 1 x Clip

Sniper. Requires: - 2 x Solid eye - 40 x Metal shard - 3 x Clip

Grenade. Requires: - 1 x Solid eye - 12 x Metal shard - 1 x Black Liquid

Ammo Requires: - 1 x Black Liquid - 2 x Metal shard

Image references/inspiration

Images used for reference of what the game could look like.

Safezone Fallout 4 city made by the ruins of a football stadium.

City sky rise A view from a skyrise in Nether.